Given the overwhelming evidence, may we consider a plausible “conspiracy theory”, or perhaps now a “conspiracy fact” of how all this came about? 

The COVID-19 pandemic, at least the globally coordinated response, is a “Great Reset” planned by the Global Elite under the auspices of the World Economic Forum. This was orchestrated by their puppets at the helms of governments, their henchmen in the Deep State, endorsed in the boardrooms of major corporations, funded by the central banking system, and fed daily scripts of propaganda for distribution by the mainstream media. 

Are the Global Elite (i.e., globalists), using the COVID-19 “crisis” as a battering ram to destroy the Old World Order, then remake the New World Order according to their liking? If the COVID-19 pandemic was indeed planned to bring about the New World Order, then what are their goals and aspirations?

FIRST RESET: Create Irreversible Changes in the Fabric of Society & Institute Depopulation Agenda

The first goal of the Global Elite is to institute broad, irreversible changes in not only the mindsets of entire populations, but the structure of society.  They aspire to broadcast a “paralysis of fear 24/7” so as to isolate, distance and alienate people from each other,  to scare people from associating or gathering, thus, making people more submissive, compliant and willing to obey whatever decree an official in authority makes – including mandatory masks, social and physical distancing, contact-tracing, lockdowns, stay at home orders and reporting your non-compliant friends, family and neighbors. This is a creepy, fascist, socialist/communist agenda.

Healthy people living healthy lives during the pseudo-pandemic have suddenly become demonized, feared and attacked by the mainstream media resulting in many of your friends hating you on social media. In the State of Indiana, living a healthy regime that includes breathing fresh oxygen, thus not wearing a mask in public, is now against the law. 

When one wears a mask one is actually saying, “I will follow orders, do what other people think I should for my health, submit to any external authority and stop thinking for myself.” May we not confuse respecting others with blind obedience.

The orchestrated COVID-19 response and drastic changes has resulted in mandatory jab programs in many countries of the world much to the delight of Big Pharma. Now, in the “new normal” 50% or more of the human population will accept these jabs without question or even concern for their own health, and the 50% or less who resist will be persecuted. 

As a result of this politically and medically engineered pandemic, sharp reductions in the human population are inevitable due to increased infertility, adverse reactions to the jab, including death, economic downturns, hunger, poverty and starvation, civil unrest and war. Hundreds of millions of people are dying or will die due to this socially engineered COVID-19 crisis.

SECOND RESET: Orchestration of a Vast Redistribution of Wealth & Power from the Middle Class to the Ultra-Wealthy

The second goal is to rapidly shift vast sums of assets, money and power from the working and middle-class people of the world into the coffers of the Global Elite and their puppets and henchmen. The Wall Street crash of March 9, 2020 resulted in an unprecedented loss of equity by small investors and a huge transfer of wealth to the ultra-rich. Due to the CARES Act, 43,000 U.S. Millionaires are receiving tax reductions averaging $1.6 million each.

The U.S. lost 20.6 million jobs at the peak of the pandemic, resulting in an unemployment rate of 14.7%, a level not seen since the Great Depression in the 1930s. Before the pandemic, the United States marked a 50-year unemployment low in February, with just 3.5% of Americans unemployed. The University of Chicago estimates that 42% of the recent layoffs will result in permanent job losses.

Unemployment, stimulus packages and pandemic insurance covered some of these losses, but they also increased the national debt while conditioning the public to become more dependent on the federal government for their financial existence.

The total national debt went up by $7.8 trillion during Trump’s four years. It rose from nearly $20 trillion the day Trump was inaugurated to nearly $27.8 trillion on the day he left office. The total debt figure is correct, but trillions of that were due to bipartisan coronavirus relief packages. This massive shift of wealth landed in the pockets of the Global Elite, and the pockets of dozens of new billionaires –stakeholders in Big Pharma and the Global Medical Protection Racket (i.e., medical mafia).

THIRD RESET: Destruction of Millions of Small Businesses & Transfer Power to the Largest Transnational Corporations

The third goal of the Global Elite is to destroy millions of small businesses and innovative entrepreneurs, thereby making more and more people dependent on the government and the largest corporations for their survival. It is estimated that 55% of the businesses closed during the pandemic are shut down for good.

Losing these competitive small businesses also increases the market share of giant, transnational corporations such as Walmart, Amazon and Home Depot who have been deemed “essential services”.

Thus, socialist benefit programs were introduced, then may be made permanent during future episodes of the COVID-19 pandemic. This socialist ideology pleases the self-absorbed “entitlement” class of people who only wish to live unthinkingly at the expense of the government.  

As the U.S. government, and the Global Elite who puppets its strings, takes control over more sectors of the economy (i.e., privatization), the corporate welfare system is further expanded. This is the beginning of the end of capitalism as we know it though, in fact, it hasn’t been a truly free market for generations.

California, New York, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, and other Democrat controlled states, are acting more like totalitarian Communist China and less like the freedom-loving USA every day. Prominent academics and institutions such as Harvard Professor Erin O’Donnell, promotes the “abolition of the family” “arguably the most infamous demand of The Communist Manifesto,” written by Marx and Engels.

FOURTH RESET: Deployment of 5G Networks for Global Surveillance & Create Online Dependence

The fourth goal of the Global Elite is to create more online dependence during the lockdowns whereas people are limited to getting their information from mainstream internet sources. This pandemic also serves as a great decoy for 5G deployment worldwide. During these “shutdowns”, 5G has been massively deployed globally with hardly a peep of resistance.

FIFTH RESET: Deployment of Vaccine-Tracking, Then Contact-Tracing for Mobile Phone Surveillance Worldwide

The fifth goal of the Global Elite is to expand surveillance capabilities and tracking systems via mobile phones and the internet, all justified by an urgent response to this pandemic. Thus, these systems have been deployed on a trial basis even if ineffective.

SIXTH RESET: Elimination of Cash & Underground Economies

The sixth goal of the Global Elite is to discourage, if not eliminate, the use of “cash” for transactions so as to implement a cashless, world monetary system and digital currency. The World Health Organization (WHO) promoted the idea that “cash” was dirty and could infect others with COVID-19. Signs at cash registers are saying there is a coin shortage which many bank tellers have denied that is true.

SEVENTH RESET: Shift the Nation States Away from Democratically- Elected Politicians; Discredit U.S. President Donald Trump & His Supporters

The seventh goal of the Global Elite is to shift power from nation states toward unelected world government institutions, for example, UN, WHO, WTO, Gates Foundation, Clinton Foundation, Open Society Foundation, Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s, Central Banks. These groups would now be in charge of world affairs that they can control.  

Furthermore, the Democratic Party,  including the Chinese Communist Party who they dare not criticize, have taken full advantage of this pandemic during the 2020 election year to further their sinister political agenda, support “peaceful” violence in the streets in the name of “protests” by BLM and Antifa, denounce and discredit President Trump at every opportunity, orchestrate massive election fraud to ensure Biden gets elected and destroy the significant gains of the U.S. economy during Trump’s four years. 

The shameless Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives, and many U.S. state governors have had the audacity to blame President Trump for both the pandemic and the U.S. response. In Orange County, California, Dr. Jeff Barke broke his silence on politicians using this pandemic for political gain during an election year.

The Democratic Party’s objective is to get their senile puppet candidate Joe Biden, elected to the U.S. Presidency at any cost to the nation’s health, wealth, freedom, peace, cohesion and well-being. 

The political objective of the Global Elite in the U.S. is to guarantee Joe Biden gets elected so his handlers and puppet masters can resume control of the “Deep State” and further their New World Order agenda. This COVID-19 pandemic is the perfect crisis for establishing their New World Order.

Under the incompetent leadership of U.S. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, Democrats are corrupting the U.S. Congress by allowing proxy voting without debate during this crisis in violation of the U.S. Constitution. Furthermore, the U.S. Congress, especially House Democrats, have been sleepwalking through their term in office and ignoring any real problems that could be solved by working in a non-partisan fashion.

Though U.S. President Trump did not cause the COVID-19 pandemic, he did quickly discover that the U.S. was totally unprepared for a rapid and effective response. Without a national stockpile of the necessary medical supplies to respond to this pandemic, his team went into hyperdrive to get them manufactured as soon as possible. 

From the start Trump saw how the COVID-19 pandemic was being used for political gains. Unfortunately, he discovered too late that he had not only been misled by public health officials he had trusted to give him sound advice, but his Operation Warp Speed was falling into line with the plans of the Global Elite. 

EIGHTH RESET: Consolidation of Power Into the Hands of the Global Elite & the Largest Central Banking Systems

The eighth goal of the Global Elite is to consolidate even more power into the largest Central Banking Systems, such as the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB), the Bank of England, etc., including the most powerful investment banks such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

This temporarily relieves any debt accumulated by speculative investments by investment banks through “quantitative easing” (i.e., printing money out of thin air) by the Federal Reserve Bank and other high-risk investments.

NINETH RESET: Permanent Rule by National Emergency & Martial Law to Eliminate Constitutional Governments

The ninth goal of the Global Elite is to permanently rule by National and State Emergency, to declare “medical” Martial Law and suspend constitutional governments of, by and for the people indefinitely. 

By establishing dictatorial rule through the Global Elite’s selected puppets, oligarchs and authoritarians at every level of government (local, state, provincial and national), this new, unelected totalitarian, fascist, socialist, communist regime could rule without reproach or reprisal indefinitely.

FINAL RESET: Destruction of All Vestiges of Freedom & Sovereignty from “We the People” to Enslave the Human Race

The final goal of the Global Elite is to take away any sense of individual or national sovereignty and establish an unelected world government run by this newly emboldened Power Structure secretly and invisibly appointed by the Global Elite.

All these aspirations are already in place, though not fully operational due to the resistance of awakened citizens and courageous leaders, who are often seen as pesky obstacles to the lofty plans of the Global Elite. If ever there was a “conspiracy” this is it!

Former Department of Homeland Security FEMA Officer Celeste Bishop Solum laid out the long planned “Great Reset” agenda (aka, The New World Order). 

Ms Solum’s wake-up call was after 911 when she witnessed the unveiling of the strategic plan to further curtail civil liberties via “The Patriot Act”. As part of the “great reset” now in motion, food and seed supplies will be curtailed or rationed and sports arenas will remain closed.


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