About DCA

The purpose of Liberty International is to further the cause of organizations, businesses, communities and individuals who’ve made a significant contribution to liberating us from the bondage of external authority and the internal limitations of the human mind/body. This site is dedicated to sovereignty for all the people.

Liberty International is raising consciousness for freedom-minded people, projects, programs and organizations such as yours. Your generous financial contribution to the Freedom Fund will build an infrastructure for freedom and consciousness emerging worldwide. Any donation amount, small or large, is greatly appreciated. Please submit your donation via “Paypal.”

As Gandhi said,“It may not seem very significant what you do, but it’s very important you do it.”

Current Projects include:

Current Educational Materials include:

  • Freedom Catalog (Books, CD’s & DVD’s)
  • Dawning of the Corona Age: Navigating the Pandemic by Johnny Freedom ($25.00) PRINT
  • Sovereign’s Handbook by Johnny Liberty ($99.99) ~ THREE-VOLUME PRINT SERIES
  • Global Sovereign’s Handbook (pdf) by Johnny Liberty ($30.00) – E-BOOK
  • Allodial Titles & Land Patents (pdf) by Johnny Liberty ($20.00) – E-BOOK
  • Federal Criminal Defendant’s Handbook (pdf) by H’yoka Running Free ($30.00) – E-BOOK

Archived Projects include:


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