We encourage people to do their own research,  either parents with children or those who have been vaccinated themselves. One will make wiser decisions if one is better informed about the dangers and side effects of the most common vaccines.

By carefully and thoughtfully examining the ingredients in a vaccine – and I dare you to do so – you would discover a huge chemical, fetal and genetic toxic soup being injected unawares in your body and in the bodies of our most precious children. There are many lies about vaccinations about which parents should be aware.

Vaccine Indemnity for Big Pharma

Proper scientific, safety and health research on the most common vaccines have never been done because Big Pharma has been given indemnity for decades from any damages or deaths resulting from the injection of their products.

If vaccines were safe, vaccine manufacturers and drug companies would not need to be indemnified if serious injuries or deaths occur. 

The U.S. Congress, and their counterparts in the European Union, have done exactly that for Big Pharma by passing the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986. The Act stipulates that vaccine manufacturers in the United States, and the European Union, have virtually no liability for any damages or deaths resulting from their vaccines.

Why are Big Pharma companies not being held accountable for the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine they’re developing? Why did the FDA shut down the Gates-backed COVID-19 testing program? Why is it Bill Gates been given indemnity from prosecution or civil liability for COVID-19 vaccine research?

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is one of the world’s leading advocates for safe and healthy vaccination regimes for children. He is not anti-vaccine. However, Kennedy demands that vaccines undergo the proper scientific, safety and health research to mitigate any risk for both children and adults from any country.

International Vaccine Agreements

Vaccine makers have nothing to lose by marketing their experimental COVID-19 shots, even if they cause serious injury and death, as they enjoy full indemnity against injuries occurring from COVID-19 vaccines or any other pandemic vaccine under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act, passed in the U.S. in 2005.

The full extent of their COVID-19 vaccine indemnification agreements with countries, however, is a closely guarded secret, one that has remained highly confidential. A leaked document reveals the shocking terms of Pfizer’s international COVID-19 vaccine agreements.

Not Properly Tested or Safe

Unfortunately, most vaccines in the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) regime have never been properly tested or verified as safe or healthy for children. 

Hence, our children have become laboratory test animals (i.e., guinea pigs) for Big Pharma. Please understand that if our children suffer side effects or death, Big Pharma takes zero responsibility and has extremely low liability. One must file a claim with the “Vaccine Court” for any hope of compensation, but then again, no dollar amount mitigates the damage, loss or death of a child. 

Isn’t something terribly wrong to shutdown much of the global economy for a virus that affects less than 1% of the human population, but when less than 1% are injured or killed from taking vaccines, it’s considered “just a small percentage”.

Worldwide Coordinated Efforts to Suppress Anti-Vaccine Information

The technocrats running social media platforms are making certain that people do not hear about the deadly downsides of vaccines.

Children’s Health Defense Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. reported that Facebook removed an interview on IGTV that he did with the founder of The Autism File, Polly Tommey, a mere 10 minutes after it was posted without offering any explanation. 

According to Kennedy, the video did not contain any inaccuracies and was fully supported by peer-reviewed science. Their main issue, of course, was that it contained facts that the vaccine industry does not want people to hear. In this case, he spoke about the COVID-19 vaccine and the flaws in Moderna’s recent trials.

International Vaccination Policy is Overwhelmingly Pro-Vaccine

International vaccination policy is being manipulated to develop massive vaccine markets with no regard for borders or people. It’s time to throw a spotlight on conflicts of interest, and identify who is behind the demonizing and censoring of people who question vaccination policy.

The mainstream and social media has been shown to be unreliable, biased, and often conflicted, and is failing to critically analyze and report on international vaccination policy for the global community.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has had tremendous influence on the media, noting that in 2012 alone, the Foundation gave out $25 million in media grants the previous year, which was less than 1% of the organization’s budget. With regards to biased media, see The Guardian article which references Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Children’s Health Defense article. The piece points out that “anti-vaccine” influence and power could affect Americans’ willingness to take a COVID-19 vaccine. 

This propaganda piece discredits people who legitimately question international vaccination policy and the burgeoning number of vaccines being added to the schedules.

If Vaccines Were Safe

If vaccines were safe, there wouldn’t need to be a “National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program” paying out hundreds of millions of dollars each year by the U.S. taxpayers claimants in a vaccine court.

Referring to Big Pharma’s persistent push for a “mandatory vaccine” for COVID-19, Robert Kennedy Jr. exposes Big Pharma, Dr. Fauci and the dangers of such a vaccine. Meanwhile, U.S. President Trump laid the groundwork to ban “mandatory” vaccinations.

Vaccines Contaminated with Toxic Ingredients

There are numerous proven toxic ingredients in a common vaccine. Here is a short list:  aluminum, beta-propiolactone, gentamicin sulphate and polymyxin B (antibiotics), genetically modified yeast, animal, bacterial and viral DNA, glutaraldehyde, formaldehyde, latex rubber, human and animal cells, mercury (thimerosal), monosodium glutamate (MSG), neomycin sulphate (antibiotic), phenol/phenoxyethanol (2-PE), polysorbate 80 & 20, tri(n) butyl phosphate.See Appendix III: Do you know what’s in a vaccine?

It is well known among health freedom advocates versed in the dangers of vaccines that aluminum and mercury are present in vaccines. Both are toxic chemicals to the human body with serious side-effects.

If fish in the oceans and lakes laden with mercury are banned from eating, then why would mercury be okay in both dental fillings and vaccines?

Molecular Diversity Preservation International (MDPI) has scientifically established that autism symptoms are related to aluminum and acetaminophen exposure. A strong correlation between autism and the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine is also observed.

Dr. Phan M.D. revealed that there was no autism in Vietnam before Gates introduced his vaccines there.

Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

The CDC has admitted in federal court that it has no evidence that “vaccines don’t cause autism”. In other words, the CDC and Big Pharma have not done any research to disprove this assertion.

At the Global Vaccine Safety Summit, the World Health Organization (WHO) admits that vaccines are not safe. Why can’t we trust the FDA, WHO, CDC, AAP, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi or Pfizer?  That’s another trillion dollar question. 

In response, you cannot trust these organizations, because they do not tell the truth about the safety and efficacy of their vaccine products. They have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that they have little or no regard for human life.

For example, Glaxo corporation’s legal representative admits that U.K.babies were given toxic vaccines. 

A Glaxo whistleblower states the antigens in the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine are proven to cause infertility in up to 97% of recipients. Meanwhile, more polio cases are now caused by the vaccine than by the wild virus polio worldwide.

Flu Vaccine Increases COVID Risk

A U.S. military study concluded that taking the flu vaccine increases coronavirus risk by 36%. 

A claim by Dr. Rashid Buttar concluded that if you have gotten influenza shots during the last ten years, you will test positive for COVID-19. This study has been censored and removed from the internet, and alleged “fact checkers” are working overtime to debunk it. 

There must be some truth to his claim, and similar claims by other doctors. After all, “influenza” is a strain of “coronavirus.” As we have already determined, there are tests for COVID-19 and the tests for coronavirus at best are inconclusive.

If an insider from Big Pharma started revealing what they knew behind the scenes about vaccines, they could get fired or jailed. Molecular Biologist Dr. Judy A. Mikovits was thrown in jail on false charges after discovering evidence that deadly retroviruses are transmitted through vaccines given to humans.

Most vaccine ingredients are “toxins,” thus should not be ingested by any human being. Make a list of vaccine ingredients and ask any Poison Control Center Director and they will testify to this fact. 

If you as a parent were to intentionally feed your children the toxic ingredients found in a typical vaccine, you would be prosecuted for child abuse and attempted murder. Your children would be taken away from you by Child Protective Services. However, if these same vaccine ingredients are forcibly injected into your children in the name of medical science, that is apparently not only acceptable, but standard practice and perhaps, mandatory. Do you see the hypocrisy in all of this, the double-standard?

“The entire fabric of the germ theory of disease rests upon assumptions which not only have not been proved, but which are incapable of proof, and many of them can be proved to be the reverse of truth…one of the unproven assumptions, wholly due to Pasteur, is the hypothesis that all the so-called infections and contagious disorders are caused by germs.” ~ M.L. Leverson, M.D


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